By 2022, UMD will have a focused identity that appropriately demonstrates the university’s distinctive strengths and makes clear the university’s high research achievements not common among our peers. UMD will tell our story which will evolve beyond being a “regional comprehensive university” to establishing a purpose and framework for propelling the institution forward and enhancing its regional and even international reputation and presence.

UMD will be innovative in pursuing a dynamic future that allows the university to successfully confront evolving challenges and opportunities. UMD will develop an array of undergraduate and graduate academic programs that capitalize on our excellence and impact, as well as our scholarly strengths and external partnerships.

UMD will balance its investment in facilities, programs, and people with a need to keep higher education accessible and affordable. In this way UMD will serve as a platform for success and achievement beyond graduation for students from all walks of life. By accomplishing this vision UMD assures that Minnesota has the best talent to meet our future economic, environmental, and social challenges.