Campus Safety

Safe Campus
Safety, weather closures, COVID updates, and health information.

Campus Police
Police services and emergency procedures.

Environmental Health and Safety
Hazardous waste, workplace safety, and training.

Talk to Someone Confidentially

Student Counseling
Mental health support for students.

Employee Assistance Program
Confidential consultations and referrals for employees.

Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA)
Free and confidential services for victims of sexual assault.

Women’s Resource and Action Center
On-campus confidential advocates for students of all identities who've experienced sexual misconduct.


Campus Climate
Equity, diversity, and inclusion on campus.

Title IX
Preventing sex discrimination.

Responding to Sexual Misconduct
Support, reporting, policy, and procedures.

Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution
Conduct procedures, conflict resolution, and incident reporting.

Would you like to report an incident?

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Bias Report
Report violations of bias where an incident was prejudicial or unfair, or targeted someone from a protected group.

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Report repeated aggressive behavior directed at an individual.

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Discrimination or Harassment
Report an incident of harassment based on a protected identity or any type of sexual harassment.

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Discriminatory Speech
Report speech that interferes with someone's ability to work and/or learn at the University.

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Environmental Health
Report a workplace injury or hazard.

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Report any behavior or activity that endangers the physical and/or mental health of a student.

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Scholastic Dishonesty 
(all community members) 
Report a scholastic dishonesty incident that violates the Student Conduct Code.

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Scholastic Dishonesty 
(for instructors) 
Report a scholastic dishonesty incident that violates the Student Conduct Code.

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Sexual Assault
Report rape, sexual assault, or sexual misconduct involving a University community member.

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Student Conduct
Report violations of the Student Conduct Code.

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Title IX Violation
Report discrimination on the basis of sex, including sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and relationship violence.

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Report a non-emergency situation to the campus police.

U-Reporting: Report a violation of a law, regulation, or University policy

What happens when you report misconduct?

  • A member of the appropriate office will likely attempt to contact you to confirm receipt of your report and discuss next steps, unless you choose to remain anonymous. 
  • You will be offered personal support resources.
  • Your report will be handled with sensitivity and compassion.
  • Your report will be kept private and only shared with those who need to know.