Goal 6

Goal 6: Establish and maintain effective and sustainable operations across all areas of the institution.  (MPACT Commitment 5: Fiscal Stewardship)

  • 6.1. Engage in continuous improvement practices to promote efficiency in all aspects of operations (MPact 5.4)
    • Annual reporting of continuous improvement practices (MPact)
  • 6.2. Reduce student debt. (MPact 5.1)
    • Reduce the average undergraduate student debt (for those who borrow) to less than $25,000 upon graduation (MPact)
  • 6.3. Assess and improve campus safety protocols and organizational structure. (MPact 5.4)
    • Increase student perceptions of campus safety and security as reported through the Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) (UMD)
  • 6.4. Move and track progress toward a 50% reduction in campus greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 toward our Second Nature 2050 carbon neutrality commitment. (UMD)
    • Establish next generation climate action plan by 2023 (MPact)
    • Greenhouse gas emissions (UMD)
  • 6.5. Establish new long-term physical master plan that serves our community and is updated regularly. (MPact 5.3)
    • Update long-term physical master plan (MPact)

Baseline data and targets will be published during summer 2022.