Goal 5

Goal 5: Advance UMD’s profile as an intentional and pivotal partner for Duluth, the Northland, and Minnesota.  (MPACT Commitment 3: MNtersections)

  • 5.1. Enhance Carnegie Community Engagement designation. (MPact 2.3)
    • Achieve Carnegie Community Engagement designation by 2025 (MPact)
  • 5.2. Increase state partnership funding. (MPact 2.3)
    • Increase state funding (MPact)
    • Increase state-sponsored research (MPact)
  • 5.3. Develop and deploy new techniques and partnerships for smart farming and sustainable food supplies, and natural resources. (MPact 3.3)
    • Increase number of food, ag-tech, and natural resource-related disclosures (MPact)
    • Actively participate in industry and government food, ag, and natural-resource related initiatives and partnerships (MPact)
  • 5.4. Enhance opportunities for new businesses and start-ups, corporate partnerships, and technology commercialization. (MPact 2.2)  
    • Grow start-ups per year by 2025 (MPact)
    • Increase $ of industry-sponsored awards (MPact)

Baseline data and targets will be published during summer 2022