Goal 5

Goal 5: Advance UMD’s profile as an intentional and pivotal partner for Duluth, the Northland, and Minnesota.  (MPACT Commitment 3: MNtersections)

  • Initiative 5.1. Develop a plan for public engagement.
    • Measure: completed plan
  • Initiative 5.2. Elevate the profile of UMD's community outreach and engagement. 
    • Measure: Carnegie Community Engagement designation by 2025
  • Initiative 5.3. Increase program-specific state-funded and industry-sponsored awards.
    • Measure: $ award amount of current projects
  • Initiative 5.4. Increase collaborative and applied research initiatives and external relationships across UMN research units and UMD faculty. 
    • Measures: # of disclosures each year; grant and contract funding record; industry attraction and investment
  • Initiative 5.5. Enhance entrepreneurial innovations and successes in the region. 
    • Measures: # of LaunchPad startups per year; # of successful ideas and start-ups from curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs