Goal 3

Goal 3: Deliver high-quality graduate-degree programs to foster students’ advanced academic and professional development. (MPACT Commitment 1: Student Success)

  • Initiative 3.1. Collaborate with the UMN System to expand doctoral programs at UMD.
    • Measures: # of UMD doctoral programs; # of doctoral students
  • Initiative 3.2. Increase graduate student enrollment to make up 8% of UMD degree-seeking students by 2025. 
    • Measure: enrollment 
  • Initiative 3.3. Provide enhanced resources for graduate students through fellowships, assistantships, and appropriate professional development support. 
    • Measures: $ of each type of support; # of students receiving resources
  • Initiative 3.4. Create opportunities drawing upon UMD professional research staff expertise to enhance educational experiences for graduate students. 
    • Measures: # of educational experiences; # of courses utilizing professional research staff expertise