Goal 1

Goal 1: Provide student-centered, high-quality curricular, co-curricular, and integrated living-learning undergraduate experiences focused on serving the Northland, Minnesota, the Midwest, and connecting to the world. (MPACT Commitment 1: Student Success)

  • Initiative 1.1. Refine and update the campus strategic enrollment management plan to meet enrollment goals.
    • Measures: updated plan
  • Initiative 1.2. Develop a campus plan to increase international educational experiences.
    • Measure: completed plan
  • Initiative 1.3. Develop additional living-learning communities between academic colleges and residential life.
    • Measures: # of communities; # of students in the communities
  • Initiative 1.4. Develop plans for instructional spaces and faculty development to support classroom-based active learning. 
    • Measures: completed plans
  • Initiative 1.5. Establish a campus-wide experiential learning plan based on high-impact practices.
    • Measure: completed plan